MyCloud creating numerous aliases for same drive

I’m sure this has been addressed elsewhere but short of reading every entry, I can’t figure out the proper search terms to bring it to the surface. I had an NTFS drive hooked up to the USB port. Let’s say its name was FOOBAR. I was able to access it with no problem. Able to add, delete, modify and use files with no problem. One night the power failed and the next morning there were two drives, FOOBAR and FOOBAR_1. Each time I powered the drives down (for various reasons) another drive appeared in addition to the existing ones. I now have FOOBAR along with FOOBAR_1 through FOOBAR_9. Only the highest numbered “drive” is actually available. The others are just names. So, two questions. 1. Is this normal behavior? and 2. How do I get rid of all those drives. There doesn’t seem to be a “disconnect” or “delete” routine available in the WD MyBook app. I’m on a MacBook Pro, OSX 10.9.5. The attached drive is a Seagate USB3 drive formatted for NTFS.

Yes its been addressed in several prior threads. The solution/workaround at the moment is to remove the external USB hard drive, then access the My Cloud Dashboard > Share page and remove any duplicate USB drive names. Then reconnect the USB drive to the My Cloud and rename the USB Share name back to the original name without the “_x” numbering.

Some past discussion: