Mycloud copy from Hard disk

To copy large files from H/D to the device I have found a way to do this, still time consuming but better than the network system. First thing is to put all the files into one folder (I put about 20 MP4 films in) then connect the H/D direct to the the “MyCloud” USB 3. I then use the WD My Cloud PC App to move the folder from the drive to my “public folder” After the files are transfered I then move them out of the folder.

This method seems to be a lot quicker than the ethernet method, I have hundreds of films to load up from H/Ds so if anyone knows a faster way please advise.

Your mileage will vary. The Ethernet connection, fully wired on a Gigabit network can get you in the range of 60MB/s with big files. First copying the files to a USB disk (25MB/s to 60MB/s depending on USB 2.0 vs 3.0, then copying back from the USB disk to the NAS using WDDesktop will yield about 10MB/s).

The fastest way is to put an Ethernet cable between the NAS and your computer directly. Modern OSes and network interfaces can deal with setting, give an IP address to the NAS. Then you copy directly to the NAS.