MYCloud- content scanning

I have been having a difficult time with my Mycloud. The blue light is on on the front continuously, green flashing in back with consistent yellow in back, and the scan is running forever.

Not real savy with the technology so some of the things I read are confusing me.
Why does it scan?
What is it scanning?
Can I stop it?
Will that turn the blue light from standby?

The MyCloud performs two scans:

  1. a media scan to create the media conent type display on the home page of the Dashboard, and to create thumbnails for remote access.Thumbnailing can take many hours.
  2. a media scan for the Twonky DLNA media server, to index the media on the MyCloud to present as lists to DLNA media clients. This scan is usually complete within tens of minutes.

You can turn off the first by disabling cloud access.
You can turn off the second by turning off the Twonky DLNA Media Server.

If either of the scans is running, it will prevent yhe MyCloud from sleeping. But then so will so many other things; sleep (or lack of it) is a common complaint.

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so this is what i have

Turn to Static?

To disable Cloud Access: My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access > Remote Access = Off.

To completely turn off the Twonky DLNA Media Server: My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Media > DLNA Media Server > Media Streaming = Off.

Or if one wants to control Twonky’s access to each Share then one can set Media Serving to Off for each Share on the Dashboard > Shares page.

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