Planned Maintenance on July 19th?

I noted that there was planned maintenance today, but it should have ended at 3:30pm. Is that pacific time? I’m in eastern and it’s still not available. Can anyone confirm cloud access is back?

When: July 19th @ 1:30 PM to 6:30 PM Time updated!

Time zone?


When: July 19th @ 1:30 PM to 10:00 PM Time updated!

UPDATE: Normal operation of has been restored.

Hmmm…Well something still seems amiss. My EX4100 is now on relay connection instead of port forwarding and my PR4100 isn’t accessible at all.


Please reboot your router and the Port Forward issue should be resolved.

Samuel Brown

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And so it does!

Hi i can’t access to, i will redirected to
The WD my cloud is not with me, is in different location.
I need to access.
Please help me…

Hi @Jorge_Mendez - We’ve been having intermittent issues. I’ll make sure the team in charge of maintaining are aware it is down (I’d imagine they already are). Thanks for letting us know!

In the interim, since this thread is about the maintenance from 2 days ago, I’m going to temporarily close the thread so people don’t reply here thinking it’s the same issue.

Once again: could you please post a sticky thread saying that you are having problems, and identifying clearly what the nature of these problems is?

Hi @cpt_paranoia - This was from earlier in the month. There is no current issue as far as I am aware. At the time we did post a Sticky/pinned topic.

There are a number of threads reporting access issues. I note that your previous post was from the 22nd, but something seems to have bumped it up the list of active threads…


I had temporarily locked this thread because people were inadvertently posting here thinking a later downtime was related to this maintenance and I was hoping to avoid confusion. When the lock was removed it got jumped back up in the list.

More remote access problems:

You know, it really would help us all if you described the nature of the ‘known’ problem you’ve been experiencing at WD (and think you’ve fixed?), so users can gauge whether they have the same problem, or there is a different problem…

Should the next firmware update come out and things suddenly work ok again all around…