device name mismatch to device name

I’m having an issue with being able to use mycloud OS5 app or even looking at the device on mycloud account. I’m thinking it is because the name on does not match the device name on the device when accessing it through the ip address directly

How do I change mycloud com to reflect the actual device name as it is within the device?

I can map the device as a drive
I can see my stuff through twonky

I am unable to enable cloud access through logging in. I am able to log in with my WD login and password and for a short secs I can see the folders on mycloud OS5 apps on the phone and mycloud com but then disappears. after that I get an error code of 1002 make sure it has an internet connection error.

I am thinking it is because of what is defined (somewhere not where it gets it’s info from) on to the actual device NAS name on the device.

Anyone else have this condition or know how to remedy?



As you can see in the images I can see cloud access enabled for a brief second and then the error appears




You do not have a My Cloud Home! You have a WDMYCLOUD 2nd generation on OS5.

I’ll check mine but I haven’t been having any problems.

I had no problems signing in and getting reconnected. What is showing in Settings>Network for your internet connection?

I am at this point searching for some obvious plan.

Status always says “internet” the fact that I can get to it via browser ip address and internal network has to be connected; unless mistaken.

There has to be a way to get the name reset on mycloud app or get it pointed to the correct dsn

the one thing about mycloud home is that the device code is not on my ex2ultra device so I can’t enter that information.

It was working for close to a year and then something happened that it got reset and I was also asked by WD support to reset the device and all went south



See if you can find what you own using the link below.

NAS (Network Attached Storage) Drives & Personal Cloud Servers | Western Digital


I’m using EX2 ULTRA which doesn’t have a mycloud identifier in the back of it. It only has MAC, S/N, P/N nothing else


Are you trying to sign in at, ?

I have no issue logging into and I can see the device in there except it is not the actual name of the device. I must have changed it at some point in time and went back to default name. I’m hesitant to change it because I don’t want to lose Twonky and map drives which has happened several times



When I sign into My I see my devices name that I gave it in the Dashboard under Settings. When you sign in is this where you see the wrong name?

Have you clicked on the gear icon? If you do you should see this. Clicking on Configure Device & Users should bring up the white box and then click on Proceed, this takes you to your Dashboard. Check Settings>General and see what device name is showing.



Since this began have you shutdown your device, unplugged it, waited a minute and then plugged it back in to see what happens? The shutdown for your device may be different from mine. I have to do it from my


Yep, I had it on several routers, different locations, plug, unplugged, reset, cables you name it to try to get it to authenticate and resolve the mismatch. I am thinking that because of the mismatch, OS5 app or mycloud is authenticating me through the id and password (because I can see the folders for a brief second) and then disabling after that. Just weird on why it is doing this.

I really appreciate you taking time to assist on this. I am about to change the name to be the same as mycloud and see if that resolves it but I may lose my ability for Twonky and mapping. this happened before when I was troubleshooting it

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I have the same problem. My problem is even worse since I got married while the last name of my Ex Gf was part of the device’s name alongside mine. Now I have to postpone giving my wife access to it, because changing the name on the dashboard doesn’t affect the name on the iOS app and the name on the Web platform. I can’t imagine being put in a more ridiculous situation than this. I really hope someone from WD answers. Is there any solution to this glitch?

Please start a new thread in the appropriate My Cloud OS3 or OS5 forum as this subforum is dedicated to the My Cloud Home running a completely different OS than the My Cloud and has a different CPU, memory and user base than the others.

The original poster made a mistake and has already given up in this subforum.

The answer you seek with your OS is probably already posted there.