and mycloud app not working with Mycloud mirror

When I am trying to connect to Mycloud Mirror via I get message that it is offline. The webpage works very slow.
When I try to connect with my mobile phone via mycloud app, I get error 970 (remote access disabled) or error 907 (network connection failure).
When I connect my mobile phone to the home WiFi (the same router that the Mycloud Mirror is connected) and open the app everything works.
I did not have this problem since 3 days, everything before was working fine for years.
I did not change any settings on my router, all the needed ports are forwarded to the Mycloud Mirror’s IP.

Before 2 hours I succeeded to connect both from the app and from, but now again it is not working!

I have no problem with connecting remotely to the dashboard and to transmission (the app that I use to download torrents on Mycloud Mirror).

Is there still any issue with service?