(8TB) now stuck in downloading updates - no change since yesterday

I see many updates that failed or are stuck.
But none seem to be my device the single 8TB Mycloud

I go into the device from and the screen displays “downloading updates” it did this yesterday and I went in to another screen - but when I login it still says that.

Whats up?
how can I clear this so the device works?

can you access using local browser at http://wdmyclould/UI ? Do your client PCs “see” it on the network, can you access the files? Are you comfortable try ssh root@wdmycloud from the command line? (May be better to update your question with this info, then I can delete this “comment”).

Thanks for the reply and help.
I did try ssh root@wdmycloud but the command prompt said command not found.
I did login to the wdmycloud and it seemed to load without any errors or msgs.
so I am on my way again. They just need to clear the screen after the update has occurred not
leave it displaying and we all think its still working… :slight_smile:

Are you using windows? If so, use PuTTY instead of commandline ssh (because windows does not have it.)

Yes I tried PuTTY at the Windows (8.1) command prompt and it still says cant find command. I would like to try that.
thanks for the help

You need to download putty. Go to

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Hi Again
I have installed putty and on a new session with mycloud the update
started and stuck on the screen UPDATING with a full process bar
(looking like it done but never cleaars) I clear cookies, I go onto
another pc (a mac this time) and they all hang on this screen.

Its defintely software bug.

Anyway - I am not sure the outcome with putty - I set the IP address and
then try to access the drive “cannt assign requested drive”

the fact remains - WD needs to UPDATE this bug!

Thanks for your help
now stuck in downloading updates - no change since yesterday

Its not clear if this is a wide spread issue since very few have reported update problems with the latest firmware version.

Couple of things to try. First perform a 40 second reset.

Then download the appropriate firmware for your My Cloud from the My Cloud Support site. Extract the file (if zipped/compressed) then access the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Firmware > Manual Update > Update From File and manually update the firmware.

If you have made any changes or modifications via SSH to add unofficial and unsupported modules/apps or to fix various My Cloud issues, then its possible one of those unsupported modules/apps or code changes may be preventing the update from completing.

Thanks for the reply.

Resetting password, and IP etc does not excite me as I have 5 or 6
people connected, etc and I have spent alot of time getting this work.

I can turn the machine on and off. But doing a factory reset - ugh,

I have not customized it at all.

The UPDATE starts on its own. I would not choose to do that during the
The UPDATE stays there on the screen. “Downloading update”

I don’t understand your response that putty gave? “cannt assign requested drive”
The only message that is close in putty is “cannot assign requested address”
When using putty. You need to put in the ip address of the My Cloud in the IP address
bar. Then click SSH in the connection type. When you do that it should
put a 22 in the port bar. Then click open.

If you haven’t done so already make sure to turn off the auto update option in the Dashboard > Settings > Firmware > Enable Autoupdate section. Then reboot/power off-power on the My Cloud and see if the update error persists.

Another suggestion if your getting the update message through (not the Dashboard). Access the Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access and turn Remote Access off, wait a few minutes (like five or ten) and turn it back on. Then check again once the Dashboard indicates that Cloud Access has been established.


Running putty and entering the correct IP address I checked in windows
folders display, I get this error

“network error - connection refused”

Now keep in mind I can access via the admin screen comes
up fine. It is the login that now always has the updating

SO I am not sure of the uses for putty. Is this simply a lowlevel
access? Are ther other functions that can be done in putty but not
Thanks for your help

Putty is used as a means of contacting unix-like hosts from windows hosts, who lack the secure shell (ssh) capabilities required. Putty provides those capabilities in a stand alone executable, and does a very nice job. It is frequently used in the storage industry to administer routers, switches, and storage appliances (The MyCloud is of the latter variety) from windows hosts.

Basically, it allows you to enter command-line commands on the virtual console of the device, and thus allow you to assume manual control over the inner workings of the device, and sidestep the web based GUI dashboard completely. It also allows you to gain access to the various logging and diagnostic features that are baked into the device, which are useful for tracking down mysterious problems. It is this latter functionality that we are asking you to enable ssh for.

If the device is refusing your connection attempt, it means that ssh is not enabled on the device. You can find that setting in the web based dashboard, which will enable the ssh console for your use. There are a number of additional benefits to turning on ssh, such as being able to use rsync with the mycloud.

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Two things:

  1. if you don’t want to have to re-create users, try a 4-second reset.

  2. Are you trying to access using PuTTY to a local area address, or a wide area address?

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I have power the MYCLOUD off and on already

I am trying to access via the local IP address


Power cycling does not perform the same function as a 4-second reset.