MyCloud causes Router to reboot?

After a power outage (yesterday morning), my router has been rebooting once every few minutes. After talking with my ISP, it wasn’t their fault, I temporarily solved the problem by having the Cloud off the network (and unplugged) while the router was plugged on another wall socket. Today, I reconnected My Cloud to the Router, it did work for about 1 hour, but the router rebooted yet again.

I am going to try getting the cloud on the same wall socket right now, has anybody experienced the same problem?

The only time that I had complete router and cloud lock-ups was when I had a static IP on the Cloud with a different DNS address on the Cloud than my Mac and the router.

Shaw was extremely unreliable for their DNS and would lock up trying to resolve a URL, so I decided that I would use Google DNS and OpenDNS on my Mac. Shaw DNS was still the DNS address that I use on my Cloud. However when Shaw DNS went down for a few minutes, my Google DNS could not resolve my internal network. Yup once there was a DNS lockup, everything resets…

Resolution was to get everybody off the Shaw DNS by specifying Google DNS or OpenDNS as the DNS address on the DHCP router and specifying them on the Static IP on the Cloud.

This was a year ago and I hadn’t had a problem since.

I do not have a DNS set up for my cloud :frowning:

DNS is usually acquired from DHCP or if you state it in your Static IP.

If you have your cloud on DHCP, then

So power everything down, including your router.

  1. power up your router
  2. power up your cloud

and theoretically it should be good… if not… I don’t have any other ideas… :stuck_out_tongue: