MyCloud; can't see some Folders


I have MyCloud 4TB.

I have registered 2 users (user1 and user2)

When connected in local network I can see all Folders (Public, Smartware, TimeMachineBackup, User1 and User2)

But when I connect with user/pass User1 or User2 via AndroidApp or I cannot see Folder “User1” (other folders are visible and accesible)

Any Idea why and how can I remotelly access folder User1??


You’ve probably set up the Android App with the log-in details of User2. Hence as User1’s folder is private and by default User2 has no priviledges for it, then you cannot see it.

Solutions could be either to set up the Android App’s access from your Admin account, or change the access priv’s on your MyCloud to allow the account (user1, user2 or an additional one specifically for the purpose) you have set up with the Android App to see and access whichever folder(s) you wish it to be able to.