MyCloud bricked network/usb recover


have bricked my Mycloud.

Is there a way to boot/recover via usb/network?

Red something about magic packet via network triggering netboot is there a tool?

To boot and recover via some usb-stick with recover image would also be fine.

No such option is not a good design…

Welcome to the Community.

Some Board Members have been able to successfully restore their units by means of SSH. I would recommend performing a board/forum search for additional information.

You can also request for a free replacement under warranty from WD:

I can ping the box but ssh says Connection refused

www to the IP redirects to IP/UI/ but then says can’t connect to server

40s Reset-Button on Power-Up mentioned in handbook also seems to do nothing at all.

I would rather like to have some recovery procedure than a lot of shipping and waranty procedures.

If the 40sec restore is not working to reset to factory settings and then its pretty much bricked.

Is the led light blue?

Do you know what caused it to go into this state? Was something installed on it… PM me…