Mycloud - brand new - empty smartware folder - 56 gigs of files

I bought what I thought was a brand new Myclould 3tb model.

When I FINALLY got it up and running there were things I thought odd

My Smartware folder is empty. Nothing in it. Any ideas why?

I downloaded and upgraded Smartware to Pro.

Smartware says there’s 56gb additional files on my new Mycloud. What are they? I haven’t put a single file on it yet.

Logging in and out.

Maybe a simple thing but 3 of us share the computer so 3 of us have shares on the Mycloud.

How do you log out of the cloud? And how to select the desired user when logging in?

The MyCloud is a Debian Linux computer. At least some of the 56 gigs is the operating system.

Logging out? Via web? Is there not a log out link on the page?

Or are you accessing via “My Network Places” or similar? There isn’t a sign out then, but there is a “disconnect” of sorts somewhere, but no real need to to that… However, the mounted drive usually saves the user on first connect. You need to refer to your computer’s operating system instruction on how to handle network drive connections/disconnects.

Read the User Manual.


In SmartWare click on the Help tab. Read the information.  A link to the User Manual can be found at the bottom.


Visit the Learning Center.


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