MyCloud Backup to USB Storage

I have WDMyCloud 3T (Purchased 2017) with WDElements 3T (purchased 2020) plugged into the USB port on the WDMyCloud. The WDMyCloud Firmware is 2.41.166. I want to be able to do a Synchronize backup from my WDMyCloud to WDElements drives. During the setup, I selected “Auto Start When Connected” to ON.
Question: Should WDMyCloud continually synchronize all data files between itself and the WDElements? At this time it does not.
I have to manually tell WDMyCloud to start the Synchronization backup manually. I want the backup to be fully automatic without me telling it to do a backup. I found this problem when reviewing the data on the WDElements and seeing that data files had old modification dates of 6 days when I had updated the files the previous day on my WDMyCloud.

The My Cloud Dashboard for the single bay My Cloud models includes a backup feature called Safepoint (first gen v4.x My Cloud) or Backup (second gen v2.x My Cloud).

The first gen My Cloud includes the ability to set a backup schedule via the Safepoint feature. Not sure about the second gen Backup option as I don’t have a second gen single bay My Cloud. I’ve seen some complain about the second gen Backup option not having a calendar option for scheduling backups.

One can always resort to creating a Rsync script via SSH to run a CRON job to backup what ever you want backed up to another location including a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud.