MyCloud backup to another MyCloud in another location

Over a year ago I purchased a MyCloud for my father’s business to use as network storage and to hold backups. After a near instance of losing data, I realized that I needed to make an offsite backup. I’m going to purchase another MyCloud for my own personal use, and I want to know if there is any way that I could use my own MyCloud as a backup location.

What would be the best way to do this, if possible? Have the MyCloud perform a backup weekly, or have it mirrored to my own MyCloud? Is there a way to protect my copy of the business MyCloud from accidental deletions? Like if a file was accidentally deleted at the business, would it also delete the backup copy?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

The subject of backing up one My Cloud in one location to another My Cloud in a separate location has been discussed at length in numerous previous threads. Use the search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to find the many past discussions.

The bottom line is that the older v4.x single bay My Cloud units cannot officially backup to a remote location using the SafePoint backup option. The newer v2.x single bay My Clouds do have an option for Remote Backup. It is explained in the v2.x My Cloud User Manual (, Chapter 10 Managing Backups, Creating a Remote Backup.

Unofficially it may be possible to backup a v4.x My Cloud to a remote My Cloud using Rsync. Some discussion on using Rsyc can be found in the following thread:

Here are just some of the previous threads discussing remote backup:

If you purchased a single drive MyCloud, it can only do local backups. The MyCloud Mirror and later models have the ability to do remote backups.

Not necessarily true. See my post above yours. If one has the newer v2.x single bay My Clouds they might be able to do remote backup. As my post indicates the v2.x user manual details how to setup a remote backup. I don’t have a v2.x My Cloud but below are several screen captures from the v2.x My Cloud User Manual, Chapter 10 Managing Backups, Creating a Remote Backup that appear to claim one can perform a remote offsite backup.

Hello, Did they change the manual?

I followed the link and Chapter 10 is now Managing Safepoints.

Has it been changed?

You’ve downloaded the v4 manual. Go and get the other one…

It’s not your fault; the manuals page is awful.

Not surprisingly if one does a search for safepoint in the v2.x user manual they will find it mentioned quite a few times including in the table of contents, see below, and in the glossary.

It’s great, isn’t it? They couldn’t even refresh the index and table of contents…