MyCloud auto rename of external drives

Hi to all,

I´ve a real strange Problem with my MyCloud 2TB and hope that someone could help me. I´ve placed an external drive (intenso 4TB) at the USB- Port and now for two times the Name of the drive was changed to “Name”_number. First I´ve set the Name “Name” and then somedays the Name was “Name_2”. Today it was the same and now it´s “Name_3”. Is that a bug in the Firmware of MyCloud or should I assume that someone has hacked my home- Network? Each hint or help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!!

This is a well known problem that has been discussed in numerous other threads and posts. The workaround is explained in the following post:

The solution is to remove all but the latest USB Share name entry and then rename to remove the “_x” numbering.

Other threads where this issue has been discussed.