MyCloud as an external hard drive

I have a lot to learn about my MyCloud. I have it working and it is storing thousands of photos that I can access away from home. That’s great. I see my photos as images displayed in a browser … I think this means MyCloud is functioning as a media server. Is that right?

I would prefer to see the photos as files on an external hard drive, i.e. I would like to see them with a Windows Explorer look and feel. Is there a way of configuring the MyCloud to function this way instead of (or as well as) a media server?

TIA … Greg

Have you read the My Cloud User Manual? It explains the various functions and options of the My Cloud including the media server feature and how to map the My Cloud to one’s local computer.

When viewing files on the My Cloud using Windows File Explorer one can simply change the Windows File Explorer view mode to show the photos as files rather than icons/thumbnails.

To access the media server on the My Cloud while connected to the local network one will need to use a media server client like Windows Media Player or similar DLNA client or DLNA device (mobile or set top TV box). One can also view audio files on the My Cloud via the My Cloud iTunes media server using iTunes software or iOS device.

Thank you