MyCloud app uses over 22GB of my iPhone storage!

I got a 2TB MyCloud personal cloud storage from Best Buy a couple of days ago. So far, my experience has not been very good. I am not sure why the MyCloud app is using so much space on my iPhone. When my iPhone tells me that I have limited storage, I checked and found out that the MyCloud app has eaten up 22.1GB.

So, I cleared the cache in mycloud app settings, and selected a smaller cache size, but iphone still reports that this app is consuming 22.1GB of space. I was forced to delete the app from my iPhone, thinking that I could always download it again from app store.

22.1GB of space was reclaimed after deleting the mycloud app. So I downloaded the app again this morning, started backing up my photos and videos, only to find that it actually starts to back up from the very beginning! Therefore, I am getting duplicate photos and videos in the cloud storage. Apparently, if we delete the mycloud app from our phone, it loses the information with regard to where it stopped and where it should resume. It simply stupidly backs up from the very beginning! There is no guarantee that we will have this MyCloud app on our phone during the lifetime of the cloud storage! So, the system must have a mechanism to track the backup cut off point.

See the following screen shots for apparently duplicated pictures by MyCloud.

This is very frustrating and it looks like I will have to return it to Best Buy.

I will start by saying my iPhone shows that the My Cloud app uses 46.9 MB of storage space! And, ALL of my Camera Roll has been uploaded to my My Cloud and with no dups!

Instead of appearing in the forum telling us what a piece of junk the app and My Cloud are, and that you may return it to Best Buy, you could have just politely asked for help, because you obviously need some!

The likely reason the app is taking up 22.1 GB on YOUR phone is somehow you downloaded a lot of data into your My Cloud app’s Download folder! Take a look inside that folder and see what it is full of – my guess is has photos and videos from your Camera Roll. Clear the app’s cache to empty the Download folder of My Cloud app. (the storage number I gave you is when my cache is empty of any downloaded files.)

So, now begin anew by first deleting the folder on your My Cloud that has previously stored the Camera Roll contents.

Before you start the backup again, you had better read this previous post of mine:

In addition, I do not use the auto-backup feature of My Cloud. Instead I have my own procedure:

– I created a folder on the My Cloud device in Shared Pictures named New Uploads.
– I then go into the iPhone app and go to this folder. It is empty at first, I then manually upload the whole Camera Roll into this new folder – but only this first time, then on susquent backups I select only the new additions to the Camera Roll since last backup.

Furthermore, after I have uploaded into to New Uploads I MOVE the files in it into other subfolders I have made. such as a folder for my stuff, called Mike, and in it there are folders for photos and videos. There can be other folders, where I put the photos and videos from the Aug 2016, vacation for example. You get the idea. At the end of this, the New Uploads foder is now empty again, and ready for the next backup, but one must remember to manually select only the past phots/videos since the past backup was done.

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Thanks for your response. But I have 0 files in the Download folder.

OK, they probably auto deleted when you uninstalled the app, so with zero files in the MC app download folder, how much storage is your My Cloud app using now? (it should be close to the 46.9 MB mine shows).

Untrue. This is after I reinstalled the mycloud app on my iphone. I just checked, it is using 16.4GB of space and the download folder has 0 files. And guess what, I have not been using this app much today. I am deleting the app again now to reclaim the space it is squandering. Thank you for following up.


Don’t give up, contact support at

Kind of same had happened to me earlier when I had unintentionally installed few malicious apps from an app store called Tutuapp ( . Loads of internet data would have been gone without even browsing the internet. Unknown apps would have been installed in my phone without any input form my end. That was such a mess until I did a whole Factory Reset so I guess you would have to do the same.