MyCloud app - photo thumbnails

I’m running the current MyCloud app AND the WD Photos app on both iOS and Android. I use the WD Photos app for uploading and viewing photos. I have a MyBookLive 2TB unit.

The MyCloud app images shows in the app stores shows screenshots that don’t seem to be present in my app - there’s a filmstrip of all/photos/music/videos and then a nice tiles of photos etc. My app just shows lists of files.

Is this functionality available to MBL users or do you have to have the newer MyCloud models?


This seems to be a WD My Cloud app and not WD photos, have you made sure this is what you are using on your mobile device?

In case you don’t have this options present, you can make a suggestion on our ideas board about this:

Apologies. Just for clarification. I am running both apps. I use the Photos app to upload my photos from my mobile device.

However, when I open the MyCloud app the screens available does not compare to the screens shown in the app store.