MyCloud app only show the EFI partition

I desperately need your help on this problem.

As you can see in the screenshot above. The My Cloud app only regonize my EFI partition thus I cannot access the main partion. Through this artice ( I’ve learned that it can only access the 1st partition and i"m supposed to formart my drive to one partition only (, but there’s no action can be made on the EFI partition. So what am I supposed to to to solve this problem. I deserately need to solve this because I only have the drive to backup my gopro(es) sd cards while travelling. Please help.

The WD My Cloud app will not allow you to format the unit. You will need a computer in order to change the unit’s configuration.

If you don’t have any data on your MPW. You can use the Factory+Disk restore to get the MPW back to a single partition. If you have data on your MPW then backup the data before you do a Factory+Disk restore.