Mycloud app keeps crashing my shares on my cloud

I continually have difficulty with the My Cloud app over the web. It randomly crashes my server and eliminates the shares under no apparent cause to me.

is there any effort to fix the mycloud software to stop this.


When you mention the My Cloud App over the web, are you referring to the My Cloud Mobile App, the Desktop App when you are out of your local network or the website?

Specifically. My problem is with the MYCloud internet based program. When I attempt to share a directory some times it works and some times it does not, when it fails to work, it goes into the home server and when I check the Shares to include the Public Share are gone. In order to recover from this I have to re-establish the Public share and rebuild the database for the server.

this has been most frustrating for me.

Question is there any way to share from accessing the server locally.