MyCloud & APC UPS Transfer Issue?

Hey all,

Just wanted to bounce this off of other users that may have a UPS hooked up to their WD MyCloud device. I’ve been testing and have noticed that when the power fails and the WD MyCloud runs from UPS power it does not allow my WDTV Live to connect to it any longer. I have to reboot the MyCloud in order to get the WDTV Live to connect to it again. I’ver adjusted my transfer time from Low to Medium now and will try it again on High to see if that helps the situation, but it seems that only the WD MyCloud does this. It is still reachable by computers via SMB, but I believe the NFS stops functioning on it (Maybe a service?). Anyway, thought I’d post this here in hopes of getting a response or helping someone else.

Frankly, that sounds unlikely.

If the UPS causes some problem with the NAS, it’s likely to be a brownout, causing the MyCloud to reset. It is unlikely to cause a service on the NAS to terminate, as the only ‘communication’ between the NAS and the UPS is via the DC power; I don’t think the basic MyCloud has any support for UPS warnings via ethernet.

I take it that your router, WDTV Live and TV are also runing off the UPS?

Does your WDTV Live connect via NFS? Or SMB? Or DLNA?

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My WDTV is connected to the MyCloud via NFS. The MyCloud also has a USB drive connected to it, but it’s not on the UPS, so it does power down when the power goes out. It’s really not even an issue that happens all that often, but I found it interesting now that it’s happened twice. The WDTV will continually blink as it attempts to boot up and stays stuck at “connecting to network”. However, the only fix that is needed is the reboot of the WD MyCloud. I would think it was WDTV related, but I’ve gone as far as resetting it the first time this happened and it still would not find the NFS shares on the MyCloud. Only rebooting the MyCloud fixed it both times.

The only thing I know for certain right now is that it only happens when the MyCloud transfers to UPS power. I’ll keep an eye out to see if my setting of the UPS to a higher sensitivity (faster transfer time) helps any.

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