MyCloud Andriod App - Can't playback videos


Hello Everyone

I have recently purchased a Gen 2 1TB MyCloud device, the firmware is currently on 2.21.126.

The problem I’m facing is when I use Andriod MyCloud app within the same network (Wifi), I am unable to play any videos. As soon as I try to connect from another network (e.g. Mobile data network) its fine, the same videos play fine so its not a video format/conversion issue.

I’m facing the same problem with the Windows MyCloud application (within the same n/w), I cant seem to play videos.

Till now I have done System only restore, also I have rebuilt the Content Database. The next thing I was thinking of doing was to downgrade the firmware but for some reason I don’t think that is the problem.

Appreciate any help! I dont want to downgrade the firmware if possible.


If you’re able to play the video through the data network, then it wouldn’t be the app. You could try turning off your network firewall to see if it allows you to play the file. If you don’t want to take that risk you could also try changing your DNS to see if that helps. Check out the link below.


Thanks Bill, appreciate your help. I did the Google DNS changes but i still cant access the video files when within the same network. No issues with pictures access!

Just for information, when i use vlc player and access vidoes via the vlc media player directly I can play the video files - i think it uses upnp.

Any more ideas please?


Do you have your phone set to switch to wifi when you’re on your home network? Are you using a vlc phone app to play the videos?


I would also read this knowledgebase article, below. It will give you a point of reference for what things could be hindering your access on the home network. Also understand that on the home network, you shouldn’t need to use the my cloud app. The my cloud app is for remote access. You would be looking to connect to the network and using an app for streaming or playing straight from the My Cloud device.


FYI, the My Cloud app is NOT just for remote use. I use it most of the time at home to watch videos on an iPad. It access videos via SMB/network shares. SO, try an Android app that is easy and free called Avia. It accesses videos via DNLA/UPnP. Use it to confirm it is not an app issue.

I think your issue is in the setup of the MC device, but not sure what it is.


Yes, the phone switches to Wifi when at home network. I use VLC and Mx player both for playing videos with no luck.

As I mentioned before, using VLC directly (Local Network) without going though MyCloud works fine .


Thanks for the link, I have done everything that the link mentions but no luck!


Agree, whats the point of having MyCloud app if it only works over remote connection. Seems like MyCloud works for quite a few people. I did use Avia, its similar to VLC player and I can access the video contents no problems.

Indeed, that is the million dollar question i.e. what/where exactly the issue is…


So, did Avia work in situations where My Cloud did not?


I think I’m understanding what the issue is. You’re looking for the Mycloud app to do it all, but once you move to wifi, the Mycloud app no longer works.

The Mycloud app is really only for remote access. If you stayed on data, instead of switching to wifi, then it works. But once you switch to wifi, you are now accessing the drive over your network, and will need an app like VLC to play the videos.

Also, please keep in mind, not all apps play all file types or codecs.


Bill, the MC app is not just for remote use as I mentioned above. I use it all the time to watch videos at home from network on iPad/iPhone. I can also use it hundreds of miles from home to do same on a different wi-fi network. Your comment is just plain incorrect, sorry to say.


My final recommendation is, using a pc connected to your network, try to log in on If your my cloud device doesn’t show up, then it may be an issue with your router and/or router settings. If the device does show up and you can access it, then I’d recommend using our new WD Care call back service for further help.

Something is getting in the way of your access. So, either way I’d probably arrange a call back.


Thanks, it seems like that is a recourse that i need to take-up.


yes it did.


Hmmm, so uninstall and reinstall MC app, and make sure it is correctly set up on device. What exact device are you using MC on?


Andy did you ever get this working?

This has annoyed me for the past year but luckily I could just switch to my neighbours wifi to stream the content via the app. The neighbours have now moved so I’m stuck with a mycloud that I have to access via mobile data instead of my home wifi if I want to stream videos from it.

The issue is solely streaming video via the app on home wifi (same router that the mycloud is connected to). All other content and photos can be accessed without a problem.


Has anyone found a solution to this problem as its driving me nuts. I have a 8TB gen2 that refuses to stream video when i’m connected to the same network with my mobile phone (galaxy S8).
If I connect to a freinds wifi the videos play fine through MX player.
If I connect via mobile data then videos play fine
I connect to my home network and start My cloud app then navigate to the video. select the video and im offered a open with dialog box, I choose MX player then get “Can’t Play this Link”
I’ve exhausted WD support who finally suggested I contact my ISP. I contacted my ISP but they didn’t have a clue.


Same here, a fix please.


1.Open the mp3 file in the My Cloud Home mobile app.
2.You will see File Type Not Support, Open In or just the Album Art Work.
3.Tap Open In or the white dots in the lower right hand corner of the screen to access the “Open With Menu Options”
4.Tap Open In and wait for the export to complete.
5.Select an app to open and play the mp3 or audio file.

with regards