MyCloud and Twonky

Im running a 2TB MyCloud with a 4TB MyBook providing backup and acting as my main media library, with the two devices connected via a single USB cable all works fine. My problem comes when I link the two via a USB 3.0 hub; initially all is fine with the DLNA server seeing all my files on the MyBook without any problems however the moment I attach a pen drive or HDD into the hub the DLNA server no longer sees any of the files on the MyBook but instead only sees the files on the pen drive/HDD ? The only way to recover the link is then to disconnect the pen drive/HDD and restart the MyCloud. I would really like to use the hub to transfer files more easily, can anyone help ? Thanks. 

What happens if you plug the hub into a USB port on your computer, and plug the USB HDD and the USB pen drive into the hub?  Can the PC read them normally?

I’ve found that hubs don’t always work very well, and some devices don’t play nicely on hubs.

[edit] oops; misread your problem, thinking the USB devices were unreadable…  That seems plainly to be a MyCloud problem, but it might be worth trying my suggestion just to make sure everything works normally elsewhere.

[edit 2] ah, no, my first reading was right.  I blame a woolly brain caused by the upper respiratory tract infection I’m currently fighting…

Hi, i havent tried it via a PC but I have some time at the weekend so I will give it a go and let you know the outcome. Thanks for taking the time to consider the problem.

another concideration, is this a powered hub? the manual clearly states a powered hub

Hi, yes its a USB 3.0 hub with its own transformer PSU. Thanks.