MyCloud and Sony TV Showing No Files! Why?

I have been using my WD Mycloud with my sony smart tv for several months now and its been great, however, I went to use it tonight and when I connect to Mycloud it shows as having no files/folders at all. I have checked and there are folders with photos/videos and music.

Why am i suddenly not able to see any content on the wd mycloud from the sony tv?

I have also noticed that I now cannot play music from my Mycloud on my Bose Soundtouch which up until recently I did most days! 

When I try to play music no music files show up at all. They are there as I can see them from my pc/laptop…

Has your MyCloud recently done an automatic firmware upgrade? If so, it’s likely to have trashed your twonky setup.

I assume your Sony TV and Bose system are accessing via DLNA (Twonky), and you have checked the directory content with File Explorer.

This might help: