MyCloud and SD Card

As i understand MyCloud does not have sd card slot. So how can i upload/save the fotos from the sd card to the MyCloud? Can i connect a card reader on the usb port of the cloud?

Easiest way/method is to connect the SD card to your computer and copy the files over. If you attach an SD card reader to the USB port on the My Cloud the SD card may (if its in a My Cloud supported format) be seen and accessed using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder as a separate “Share” within the My Cloud. As a Share one could copy the files from the SD card Share to another Share on the My Cloud using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder, however the file copying may be very slow this way.

Did the SD card come from your camera? Are you able to connect the camera to a USB port? If so try this, this is from the User Manual for 1st generation Version 4.x My Cloud.

When you connect an external USB drive such as a My Passport™, a memory stick, or a camera to the My Cloud device, you can access it with Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

Well, as we are almost not using computer/notebook, i wanted to do this through the mobile devices. This the sd card from the camera, which is not in the tablet , but it is a regular fotocamera. It dosnt habe usb port , so i can not connect it directly to the cloud. On the tablet i dont have windows explorer , just the explorer apps such ES File Manager.
I still dont have My Cloud, i would buy it and i want to collect informations at first. So I can not make any tests … why is could be posssible that the cloud does not find/recognize the sd card? And is it not possible to reach the sd card via the explorer apps on my tablet?

Assuming it’s an Android tablet, it will connect to a MyCloud as an SMB network drive on your local network; that’s how I access MyCloud on my Android devices, for both uploading files and downloading files (although I use Cheetah Mobile FileManager, rather than ES). I’m assuming your Android devices have a means to read the SD card (either directly using a microSD slot, or an SD card reader plugged into a USB OTG adaptor in a microUSB slot). All the Shares on the MyCloud should be visible to authorised users, including any inserted USB drives.

I have plugged USB memory sticks into the MyCloud, and accessed them okay. I haven’t tried an SD card in a USB card reader

For photos taken on my Android tablets and phone, I have the WD Mobile App installed, and have it set to automatically upload new photos to a folder on the MyCloud. This can be made to work via WiFi only, or via WiFi or mobile data. The WifFi can be your local (home) network WiFi, or any remote WiFi network of opportunity.

I find it odd that a modern digital camera doesn’t have a USB port of some description; all the digital cameras I have had over the last ten years or so have had one, even if the connector was non-standard.

Have you downloaded and read the User Manual?

Yes it is Android. Yes, when i plugin the sd card in slot of the mobile device it can read the sd card.
If i understand you right when i connect the sd card to Mycloud via Usb Reader , the sd card will be accessable when i start the explorer app such the ES FileExplorer? It should be the same as connecting Usb stick to the Usb port of MyCloud, right?

If the above works, when i want to view, download, upload etc files on/to the sd card, i will need to do this via the WD App. In the WD app i should be able to navigate/browse to the sd card and change its contend. Am i right?

I did a quick look on fhe user manual, but which point exactly should i study deeply?

Not quite…

An Android file manager will be able to access the MyCloud HDD, or a USB drive (be it a memory stick or an SD card adaptor) plugged into the MyCloud, or a USB plugged into the Android device.

So the Android file manager will allow you to move files between an SD card connected to either the Android device, or to the MyCloud, and the MyCloud HDD. You can choose either connection. I choose to connect to my Android device, as I find it faster and more convenient.

The WD App is not needed for any of this activity.

Where the WD Mobile App is useful is for automatically uploading pictures from Android or iOS devices to the MyCloud, so you have an automatic backup in case you lose your Android or iOS device.

Since I don’t know what you wish to learn about the MyCloud, I can’t advise. But the manual will give you an idea of what the MyCloud can do, and how you can do it.

Ok, as i understand for my question refering how to access the sd card there are 2 possibilities:

  1. Connecting the sd card directly to My Cloud via USB reader
  2. Or connecting the sd card to the card slot on my Android device


Other question: if i want to browse the fotos/files on the MyCloud when i am in the local network how can i do this? Only via the Android explorer app or via the WD Mobile app too?

You can use either the Explorer app or the two WD My Cloud mobile apps when connected on the same local network as the My Cloud.

If you haven’t done so already read the User manual cover to cover to gain a general understanding of the various features of the My Cloud and how to use them.