MyCloud and MyCloud Home

This issue is on a MacBook Pro laptop. O/S is macOS Mojave. Version 10.14.2

I have both a MyCloud and MyCloud Home device on my home network. They both function normally and are accessible using Finder.

My issue is that the installed WD Discovery app only “sees” the MyCloud Home device.

Is this normal or is there something I need to accomplish so that both devices are visible with the WD Discovery app?

The My Cloud and My Cloud Home are not the same device. The WD Discovery app apparently won’t see the single bay My Cloud device. FOr the sinlge bay My Cloud one can use WD Access or WD Quick View. It should be noted that one does not need to use WD Access or WD Quick View to access the My Cloud on the local network. Mac Finder or Windows File Explorer are all that’s needed. To make thinks easier one can “map” a Share to their computer.

Downloads for single bay My Cloud:

Thanks for the info!!