MyCloud and MyBook

Hi everyone. I need advise on choosing a new device. I’m currently using MyBook Live Duo for 3 years. I need something faster but I’m a newbie. What I want to do is to off-load my iTunes and iPhoto library to a NAS of some kind to centralize everything and able to access through all my computers. I tried this with my current My Book Live Duo and it’s super slow and to a point not workable. I also need the new device to be compatible with using Time Machine for backups. Lastly, what are the differences between My Cloud and My Book. Hope someone can advise me what to buy. I’m very happy with WD but I need something faster. Thanks in advance. Tom

Hi, the My Cloud has more RAM a faster processor, a faster NIC (Network Interface Card) its overall a better and faster drive, you should be able to centralize all your iTunes, however I believe that iPhoto can only be transferred to a hard drive that is attached directly to the computer and needs to be formatted in HFS+.

Thanks for your input. I’m looking at a Western Digital 8TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra or WD My Cloud DL2100 8TB. The specs looks similar. Which is better?