MyCloud and External USB

After reading the threads about USB devices not working well on the MyCloud 3 and 4 Tb devices, I wanted to test something.  I connected a USB 2.0 powered hub to the MyCloud and attached 3 USB drives, 2 of them were Toshiba USB 2.0 500Gb portables and 1 was an WD 1Tb USB 3.0 portable.  All three drives and all their folders were immediately visible to my Win 7 laptop via the MyCloud.

This is just an FYI, something to satisfy my curiosity more than anything else.

Could you copy/move files between your external drives and wd my cloud or between external drives and local computer?



There is no way to directly copy files between drives on the MyCloud, but yes, I can read/move/copy files between drives using a Win 7 PC.  Files on the USB drives are also available to my WDTV SMP.

An enhancement has been requested to add a drive-to-drive copy function.

EDIT: Ok…I just saw your post, trouble writing to a USB drive, so now I understand why you were asking.  The USB drives I have are NTFS formatted with compression enabled (at least when connected to a PC), and were formatted on a Win 7 system.  I can access the USB drives on the MyCloud from my Win 7 laptop and have no issue doing a read/write/drag/drop in either direction.  Didn’t do anything to the drives o0r MyCloud, just connected them.  Shares were created as Public access automatically.

Thanks for the testing. Just curious, could you try directly connect usb drive/hd to the usb 3.0 port? I’ve tried external hd usb 3.0 or usb 2.0 flash memory. The problem is that my cloud can see the drive attached. I can copy from external drive (flash memory or hd) to my cloud or to my computer but can’t do reverse direction. This is really making the usb 3.0 port useless. Also, when you connect usb 3.0 drive through usb 2.0 hub, the speed only limited to usb 2.0, right?


Btw, I format both my usb 3.0 hd and usb 2.0 flash memory under win 8.1 pro to NTFS.


I removed the USB hub and connected the USB 3.0 drive directly to the MyCloud.  It completed every copy or move command I gave it.

Contrary to what most here have posted, I followed the instructions for initial setup of the MyCloud by downloading an installer and running it from my Win 7 laptop.  It sets up initial accounts and handshakes with the laptop.  If you did not, maybe there is a permission error with a bougus error message. Not sure what else to suggest.

And yes, using a USB 2.0 hub will force a USB 3.0 device to work in 2.0 mode.