MyCloud 4T ...transferspeed max. 11,5MB/s - is it normal or is my device faulty?

Hello :slight_smile: …well, my NAS (MyCloud 4T) is soooo slow (max. transfer speed 11,5 MB/s) and I wounder, if it’s just a faulty drive or if it’s just normal like this. The entire home-network until the NAS is okay, is fast and has got Gbit-standard (Computer with 1GBite Ethernet, GBite Switch and so on) and to any other device - except the WD-NAS - I can access 10 times faster (around 110 - 120 MB/s)

The upper, flickering LED on the device is green, the lower one is orange. On the switch, the LED on the corresponding port lights up green (1GBit). Should both LEDs on the device light up green or is that okay anyway?

The firmware has been just upgraded to 5.20.113, there is a lot of free space on the NAS …so, please tell me, where is the bottleneck?

Sorry, it drives me just crazy when I have to transfer files …any ideas? Thank you :slight_smile:

What are you using to test the transfer speed?
Are you using Mac or Windows?
Are you transferring over a wired connection or over wireless?
Is the My Cloud directly connected to the network gigabit capable router?
Are you transferring one large file or a very large number of smaller files?
Are you transferring the files to a Share on the My Cloud hard drive or to a USB external hard drive Share connected to the My Cloud USB port?
Is the router using any sort of QoS to control or limit the My Cloud’s connection?
Does turning off various My Cloud features/options like Remote Access/Cloud Access and Twonky help with the transfer speed?
Does changing the SMB version to SMB2 or SMB3 in the My Cloud Dashboard Settings Network section help with the transfer speed?

hi :slight_smile: x) I see the speed at the popup-window, I see it when using LAN-speed indicators (tools) with different file packages
x) Win10pro
x) not wireless, just Ethernet (wired) of course (already mentioned)
x) there is no router directly involved, there is on one side the Gbit Ethernet from the Computer directly connected to a GBite switch (which is working perfectly btw, otherwise other devices couldn’t be reached with 120GB/s) and this switch is connected to the NAS with cat5 original cable
x) there is no USB connected
x) no Router involved - no QoS …the high-speed signal is already at the switch, the NAS just doesn’t recognize it (yellow light on the NAS, green light on the connected switch)
x) there is no remote access, no extra features are enabled, no Cloud access etc.
x) there no change of transfer-speed when changing SMB

just to exclude possible sources of error I changed the Gbite Switch with some others several times (but actually it’s obvious, that this part is okay because I can transfer with high speed to other devices, connected to the switch) - I changed the cable from Switch to NAS …the “link-LED” just stays yellow (100MBit/s) and the NAS doesn’t recognize the “offered” Gbite-option :wink: Guess, it’s a hardware-problem on the board of the NAS …what else could it be? LG

edit - reread the post.

If you have a single bay/single drive My Cloud is the front LED blue or some other color? If that front LED is yellow that indicates a problem, typically a network issue, with the My Cloud.

Does the My Cloud Dashboard indicate any sort of errors or alert messages? See the alert icon top of the My Cloud Dashboard page.

the front LED is blue
the dash-board reports not issues - everything’s okay there - the alert section doesn’t report unusual incidents (just my shut-downs …intended)

just opened the device and had a look at the board …there is a Gbit-Ethernet LAN filter (UTG24P05) which obviously became pretty hot - typical temperature marks on the upper side which show, that there must have been an incident. Actually it’s just an array of inductors so there is a good chance, that they survived …but maybe not completely and this might be the cause of the issue. When I get the chance to purchase it, I will and I’ll replace it. …well, that’s just my approach - do you have some other ideas? LG

Don’t have a OS5 My Cloud on hand to test at the moment but on an older single bay OS3 My Cloud with 8TB WD Red drive read write speeds were as high as this (using Crystal Disk Mark) over a wired gigabit network:

My Cloud Crystal Disk Mark

Could be there is an incompatibility somewhere on the local network or between that specific computer and the My Cloud. This assumes one isn’t using remote access to connect to one’s local network My Cloud, or isn’t using FTP or some other form of access.

yeah, these are reasonable speeds - I guess, the 4TB drive goes even higher.

I don’t think it’s a network-issue - just imagine that, when I unplug anything else but the NAS from the switch - so there are just switch and NAS connected - it’s the same: the switch LED is green and “sees”, that there is a Gbit device connected - the NAS stays (default?) yellow which means, just 100 MBite/s connection.

I really think it’s this hardware-issue and I am trying to get a replacement-board …however without success so far. It’s even more complicated to get this somehow exotic, (rare?) “Chip” (Array) UTG24P05 but I try to get one. These (apparently) overheated Inductors are right behind the Ethernet-Port and their job is to filter and eliminate “noise” from the input-signals (interference and spikes in the network from outside). If the input signal is not “cleaned” from this unwanted noise and ringing, there is false triggering and the NAS won’t switch to 1Gbite mode

Well, that’s my theory but I’m pretty sure, there is the fault. …Do you maybe have any idea, where I can get an old board? …even a defect one could do it :slight_smile:

One troubleshooting step, if you haven’t tried it already, is to connect the My Cloud directly to the computer’s Ethernet port and then test the read/write speeds. If the speeds are higher that may point to an issue with the switch. Obvious other troubleshooting steps is to try a different network cable to connect the My Cloud to the switch (if you haven’t tried it already).

…thank you very much for your help - Yes, I’ve already done it (with some difficulties in addressing the NAS and it’s static IP) - I am not too bad with hardware, but pretty lousy with software and network-matters :slight_smile:

by chance I found an older thread with almost exact the same topic …look:

his issue was also hardware-related and I guess, it’s exactly the same here on my side. When I boot up the NAS the green light is there for around 10 sec, then goes down to yellow (100MBit).

recently I contacted WD - they replied promptly and very nicely and in the next days I will hopefully discuss it with somebody there …don’t know, where it will lead to :slight_smile:

heavily under suspicion:

Can you use ssh?

ssh (putty for example) to your mycloud

#show network devices
ip a
#show interface status (speed, duplex)
ethtool egiga0(or similar)
#force interface to 1000mb/s, full duplex
ethtool egiga0 speed 1000 duplex full autoneg off

#check interface status again
ethtool egiga0

hope that helps. i had weird stuff after update ios5

WDMYCLOUD → SW1 → IR → SW2 → SERVER. all ports 1000mb/s and up. speed was 100mb/S
changed this:

IR → SW1 → SW2 → server
WDMYCLOUD → SW1 → SW2 → server
then speed were 1000mb/s. speeds were fine before ios5