MyCloud 4 and MyCloud 2

As i see here New Release - My Cloud Product Firmware Updates (9/20/16) there are to 2 MyCloud versions or products, i dont know. Why and what is the difference. Can someone explain it to me?


As I understand it, they are different generations of products.

Aha, and which is the newer generation?
And what is the dufference?
How can i know which generation of the product am i buying/purchasing?

That I wouldn’t know. It’s just what I heard here on the community. Maybe someone else can explain more.

Yes please, are here no mods or people from WD?

Units using 2.x firmware as opposed to version 4.x are newer.

This is primarily a user to user support forum.

if you do a subforum search you’ll find several past threads that discuss the differences between the older v3.x/v4.x single bay My Cloud units and the newer v2.x single bay My Cloud units. Yes people have complained about the stupid firmware numbering that has routinely caused people to ask why, with no real answer from WD.

Bottom line is the newer v2.x single bay My Cloud units have different hardware (processor/RAM) which very probably necessitates different firmware. The firmware used on the v2.x single bay My Cloud is more inline with the firmware used in WD’s more expensive multi bay My Cloud units.

Here are just two past threads discussing the difference:

Confusingly, the v3/v4 firmware is for the older Gen 1 devices, and v2 firmware is for the newer Gen 2 devices.

In a shop, the easiest way of distinguishing is that the older devices came in a roughly cubic box, whereas the newer devices come in a narrower box.

Just to make things more difficult, some might suggest that the v2 firmware is, in a number of ways, a retrograde step, since it is much more closed than the earlier v4 firmware, which at least allows a savvy user to manipulate the OS to fix problems. I doubt if I’ll buy a Gen 2 device.

And the firmwares are not interchangeable between the hardware generations.

To add, one can also differentiate between the two units by looking at the P/N number either on bottom of the single bay My Cloud unit itself or on the bar code/tracking area of the product box. If the P/N number ends with a “-10” then apparently is the newer v2.x firmware, the older v3.x/v4.x unit P/N number ends with a “-00”.

do you mean the field which is scanned when I pay on the pay desk? then in the shop I can not open the product box to see the PN on the unit…

Often computer product packaging/retail box (sometimes on the bottom of the box) will list a bunch of information like; part number, serial number, MAC address, model name, etc. in the same area as the UPC or similar bar code product tracking label.

Edit to add: Here is an example, see red arrow, of where the P/N and other information is located on the bottom of the My Cloud box (in this case a single bay 2TB My Cloud).

Post edited and updated with newer picture to clearly show the bottom of the box and the P/N number that indicates the possible version.