MyCloud 2tb

Please can someone assist. I have a 2tb mycloud and three external drives all connected. I had some issues and restored using system restore. I now cannot see MyCloud drive but all other drives are showing correctly. I really need access to MyCloud drive and it is not showing anywhere. No drive letter etc. I have no idea if I have lost key data as I cannot see the drive. I am recuctant to reinstall MyCloud in case the drive actually has my documents etc.

Appreciate any help

I take you are using a Windows computer, but what operating system? Have you tried a reboot of your router and then a reboot of your computer, if necessary. What color is the LED on the front of the My Cloud? What color are the LED’s on the back of the My Cloud?

Thank you. Re booted both windows 10.

The light on front is Blue and green network light on the rear.

I tried to setup shares on the drive then attempted to delete the share. Thought that by deleting the share i may delete he drives contents so did a system restore assuming i would not lose the drive contents. My drives were all mapped and MyCloud drive just disappeared from the pc network map. Concerned i have lost folders of my work plus my grandchildrens photos etc…

Is the MyCloud set up to be in the same workgroup as your Windows 10 PC?

Thank You for response.

How can I check this ? The mapped MyCloud drive has disappeared. MyCloud appears under win10 network connections as MyCloud. I click and nothing happens.

Go into the dashboard using a web browser and check under settings / Windows Services and see what it’s set to there.

Thank You

managed to get mycloud drive back but now indicates it contains no data. Using quickview that indicates 16% is used…when i check the mapped drive that also indicates 39gb used. Thats where i am now. how of earth do i access the drive data and does it exist…tried numerous recovery software packages and none ill pick up the drive/