MyCloud 2TB SingelBay 2.Gen


I have some big problems with my MyCloud 2TB SingelBay 2.Gen. and I´m hoping that someone can help.
-Firmware: 2.31.204

The MyCloud is connected to my router -FritzBox7590- and in the router I have blocked the internet connection for the MyCloud.
I also have switched off the cloud access in the settings of the MyCloud system.
-The connection status is deactivated-

I use that system for the last 2-3 years without any problems

And now comes the Problem:

Since a couple of weeks, the MyCloud tries to connect to and\or to its own network hostname every 10 - 15 seconds as long as the system will freeze and any connections within my network to the MyCloud is not longer possible.
I have to reboot the MyCloud -power plug off and on again- that I can use it. But only for the next minutes or days - it cannot be said exactly - than i have to reboot it again and again. !

Does anyone know what i can do to solve that problem?


Hi guy´s

for everyone who also has the problems with the My Cloud that I mentioned.

After days and weeks of “trial and error” I found the solution, at least for myself.
It was “SMB3”!

Since I switched back to “SMB2”, my My Cloud has run absolutely stable without freezing like on the first day.