Mycloud 2tb in small office - downgrade fixed my speed issue

Hello all - Thank you in advance for your help.

I have a 2tb MyCloud device I want to use in my small office of 4 users.

I have a ATT NVG510 DSL Wireless modem \ TP-Link TL-ER5120 multi-port gigabit switch \ my office is ethernet wired.

I have the Mycloud in my locked office connected via ethernet cable (no pc inbetween).

I have 1 ethernet cable from the modem to the switch.

If only 1 user - speed is wonderful - I see 100 Mbps on the LAN connection and I can open folders & files with no issues.

This is true whether the 1 user is using wifi (72 Mbps) or ethernet cable (100 Mbps) - per the network status on that connection.

If a 2nd user logs in - speed decreases; 3rd user user slower still … you get the picture.

When I called WD today, they told me to isolate the MyCloud on a gigabyte router.

Though I am fairly tech savvy, I am not a network expert. I’ve googled before coming to this forum. 

Do I -

a) buy a gigabyte wifi router

b) connect the modem to the router

c) connect the router to the switch (for other connections)

d) put the Mycloud on the router

e) leave wifi on modem \ turn off wifi on router (if any) so wifi still goes thru modem

So if wifi - the signal goes thru modem to other devices

If ethernet - it will come thru switch to router.

Does anyone have this type of setup?  Will this allow 2-3 users on the MyCloud with reasonable speeds?  WD does claim MyCloud does support a small office like mine.

UPDATE ===========

BTW - I just read a post about fluctuating speeds since the July Firmware update.  I’m at that same July Firmware of v04.00.00-607.   The device was fine on my switch about a month ago.  So maybe it’s the Firmware ?

Your ATT NVG510 should have 4 ethernet jacks on the back. Your switch is plugged into one of them. Plugt he WD My Cloud into one of the others.

Will do.  Thank you.  I’ll report if that helped.

Should I downgrade the firmware from v04.00.00-607 (and stay plugged to switch) ?

Going directly to modem router would be a faster test step.

Try plugging directly to router. Your switch is sharing bandwidth among users. Thus the slowdown with multiple users. The firmware version should not effect that.

Connected the MyCloud to ATT NGV510 modem router.  With 2 users, the speed is okay - we see the green progress bar going across the address bar of Windows Explorer window.  Folder or file actions happen after 40 to 50 seconds - including simple movement folder to folder.

A month before, the users hardly noticed the green progress bar.

Any additional suggestions?

Now that you have done what WD suggested and have a data point and know it used to be better… would be an appropriate time to do the downgrade in firmware. I followed

and it was simple and worked well. 

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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To close the loop on my story -

a) I did downgrade to 03.04.01-219

b) Put the MyCloud on my switch to test

With 2 users - folder and file actions are as expected - fast enough not to see the progress bar in the Win Explorer address bar.

We’ll see how it goes as user 3 & 4 join in.  At least I know my options - switch or modem router.

On the switch, the ethernet connection lights on the MyCloud are both green - per the user manual - I’m seeing 100 Gb on that connection.

The MyCloud was originally on a 10/100 switch; and speed were reasonable (before the firmware update to 4x)

My thanks to DavidRob!

Hope this helps someone else.