MyCloud 2T showing no data after 40 second system restart

Hi, I was having a network problem with my Mycloud device. It was working fine up to that point but then the devices I was backing up to it couldn’t connect, and also I couldn’t connect via the dashboard. Reading the support pages advised me to do the 40 second reset, whereby I powered off, held down the reset button, powered on, and continued holding the reset button for 40 seconds. The instructions assured me this would not destruct the data. After the reset I was able to get access to it via the dashboard and via my online mycloud login but it I saying that there is no data on eth desk. Can ayone please help me retrieve my data? I am certain that I did not run any formatting of the disk and only did the system only reset. Thank you in advance David


A 40 seconds reset shouldn’t delete any data on the drive. When you go to the dashboard, are you able to see used spaced from the “Capacity” section?

Also, try mapping the shared folders to see if you have access to the data.

Hi, thanks a million for your help. The capacity section is saying that the disk is nearly unused. It is showing 1.96tb free and 0 in pictures and videos. But there was a lot of pictures and videos. I have tried to map it but was unsuccessful. My computer just can’t seem to see it.

It may have reset the shares exported by samba/nfs.

Check the shares section of the web interface and see if your shares are there. If they dont show up, that is fine. More than likely the folders are still present on the drive. If you re-create the share, it should work.

Hi, Thank you for that suggestion. I will check that and get back to you.

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