MyBookWorld White won't completely power-up


I have a 1Tb white drive - I see quite a few messages about these.  It is about 2 years old, and I can’t complain about it in any way.  But now, when I connect to the power adapter, or otherwise try to power it up, it spins for a while and then shuts down again.  I have copied files to it as recently as three days ago, with no problems.

Does this sound lie a power-supply issue, or something more serious?



It might be a power-supply issue, but you can only verify that with a replacement, call tech support to see if they can send you one.

I know this sounds simple, but have you tried pressing the power button after it shuts off? What could be happening is that you shut it down, either through the web UI or the power button. Whenever you unplug it and plug it back in, it will power up, load the configuration from the hard drive, and see if it is in “power off” mode. If it sees that you had done a shut down, it automatically shuts itself off.

If you power up with the button, however, it will change the configuration, allowing it to fully boot up.