MyBookWorld White Light PC Problems (WD_Backup)


This is bugging the hell out of me so any help would be appreciated. I have a WD Mybookworld 2TB (white light) that I use to store all my TV and Movies etc for running with Plex as our main media player. I’d always done this on Mac without a problem as when you go into finder there’s a ‘connect as’ option which lets me connect to WD_Backup where all my media is kept.

I now need to take my MacBook out of the house on a daily basis which means other people can’t use Plex. I thought this wouldn’t be a problem as I would set up the drive on PC, setup Plex and leave it running all the time.

For the life of me I can’t work out how to access the drive through the file explorer on Win10. I can see MyBookWorld on the network but it only takes me to the public, shared and config drives as if I’d logged in as a guest and doesn’t give me the option to login to WD_Backup. It also shows a picture of the NAS labelled ‘storage’ and MyBookWorld under media players but these only take me to the web interface.

Can anyone give me a clue how to log into the WD_Backup user so I can access my media on the PC?

Thanks in advance!

Windows and Mac do not behave the same way. Windows shows all shares irrespective of credentials; it just blocks access to shares you are not supposed to access. It will not hide them from view.

That said, WD_Backup is a dedicated Apple Time Machine share. It is hidden from view in Windows via firmware because it serves no function in Windows.