MyBookWorld & Time Machine

I’ve been using the Mac Time Machine back up software and linked it to my external MyBookWorld hard drive. It was running fine for a while, saving hourly back ups exactly as it should. However, about a week ago it stopped working. I get an error message saying the drive is not available when I try to run a backup. 

I know that access to the hard drive is available as I can still use it as a drag and drop drive. I guess there is a broken link to the Time Machine section on the external drive. 

Can anyone offer any ideas how to re-establish the connection?



What OS X version you have? Can you post the exact error msg your getting?

Hi , 

The exact message is: ‘Time Machine could not complete the backup’ ‘The backup disk is not available’. 

I was on the latest version of leopard (jusgt bought the Mac 2 months ago) when it stopped working. I have since upgraded to Lion. 

If you where experiencing issues before upgrading to Lion that’s another problem. Now you’ll need to wait for WD to release a firmware to make the drive compatible with Lion.

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Thanks. Hope they release one soon!

Any time.

Just thought it was worth pointing out that although I can not use time machine on the WD drive with Lion I am able to use the WD drive as an external drag and drop drive with Lion. 

Is this normal? All the threads I’ve read suggest you cant use it at all with Lion. 

It’s normal. The update seems to affect the TM backups but I’ve seen drive working fine for manual backups.

I received an email response from WD support last week (18/08) advising that a software fix is being worked on and to expect it’s release this week.