Mybookworld - problem with nfs


ia have activated nfs in mybookworld and i want use it with my wd tv live with firmware wdlxtv.

I use web end configurator and i put in it this syntax:

xmount // Videos nfs user=oplay pass=oplay

The ip is correct, and the user and pass are configurated on mybookworld.

/Public/Videos is the folder on /Public partition on my bookworld.

But when reboot wd tv live don’t mount that

In messages.txt the response is:

$Videos nfs user=oplay,ro FAILED WTF?!?

And if y use telnet and use this:

xmount // Videos nfs user=oplay pass=oplay

the response is:

mount: // Unknown host

But the ip of mybook world is correct and works fine in windows.

What are i doing wrong?


Hi there, I try to contact the user TonyPh12345, he may be able to help you!