MyBookWorld Media Servers not recognized on WD TV Live

Hi All, I have been using my MyBookWorld Edition II (White Light) for some time as a media server without any major issues. I use Macs and have the drive connected to my network and can have access to the files there on 4 Macs at home, two WD TV Live’s and my TV and Blu Ray player attached to the network. Generally, I can access files and stream media through Media Server or Network Shares. I am not really sure what is the difference between the two to be honest.

I had always defaulted to the Network Shares on the WDTV but a little while ago, for some reason, something changed and I could no longer access as Network Share but could access through Media Server. But I could still access the media so didn’t really see that as an issue. Recently, I bought a new Blu Ray player to put in another room that has network streaming capability and was pleased to see that I could stream videos through the Media Server on this device as well.

Today I was adjusting my main setup and unplugged the MyBookWorld and plugged it back in after setup was complete. Since that time, I can no longer access any of my media through the Media Server on my WDTV or other TV’s or the Blu Ray although I can still access all of the shared folders through my computers and through Network Shares on my WDTV.

Also, previously, through Media Server, my drive would show up as MyBookWorld, and I could select the drive and access the shared folders. Now, it is displayed as [MyBookWorld] TwonkyMedia and when I try to select it, I get a “No contents shared!” error message.

I have tried to see if there was a firmware update available but it shows that my firmware is up to date.

Does anyone have an idea as to what has happened here and how I can fix this issue? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



See if the following link helps

Thanks. I actually decided to go ahead and reset the My Book World back to factory settings. Took me a couple of days to move all of my media to another drive and back again but now after the reset, it is all back to normal again and recognizing both Network Shares and Media Server.

Hope this helps if anyone else experienced this.