MybookWorld II: No permissions for writing or modyfying anything on the drive

Dear WD community,

I am unable to change anything on my MBW white light because I dont have the permissions to do so. I have logged in as admin but I get a box saying that I need /ROOT permissions.
I have read on another forum that a reformat of the drive will fix this problem. Question is how do I do this? I dont have the latest firmware but firmware didnt matter I have read elsewhere. The drive is fully back-upped (took 2 days haha) so I can do whatever suggested to it.

Can someone provide me with a clear guide on how to return the device to stock formatted, clean and on the latest firmware?



You can reformat the MBW when you select the option to do a factory reset: Log to the configuration page> go to adv mode> go to the system tab> go to the configuration (Cog/Gear)> restore to factory defaults.

If not even that works then call WD for a replacement.