MyBookWorld blue ring fails to start

My Book World blue ring fails to start, when I turn on power there is a clicking noise but ring does not turn blue and on/off button does not respond.  This is two disk RAID configuration, so I hope at least one of them can be recovered. 

I was thinking about buying a current version of MyBookWorld and moving both disks there. Will it work?

Model number is WD20000D033 and this is 2 X 1TB unit

Hi and welcome to the WD community.

If one of the internal hard drives failed, you should be able to recover your files if you were using a RAID 1 configuration. You can try testing the internal hard drives one at a time by connecting them directly to a computer motherboard and running a DLG test. Be sure to connect the hard drives back to the same My Book slot. Check the links below for more information. It is not possible to use another My Book case to access your files

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

Replacing a Drive (Page 19)

Thank you this is very helpful. There is one item I do not understand.

Data Lifeguard Diagnostcs will just diagnose my discs but won’t be able to read the data.  How can I recover the data given that my MyBookWorld case does not start (I can hear drives spinning but there is no blue ring)?  

If the My Book is not powering ON correctly, you can also call tech support to get a replacement power supply.  You also have the option to connect the internal hard drive directly to the computer and use a data recovery program. Using Google you should be able to find several options.