MybookWorld - Blue Lights - Can't access Shared Storage Manager Frozed

My Mybook World edition (1tb blue lights) works really nicely, however for some reason I can’t access any of the options on the Shared Storage Manager .

The Shared Storage Manager comes up  when accessed via IE of Firefox But when I click on any of the tabs it lets me log in but will not go past the Home screen. I  have access to my files folders as shares via explorer.

It appears that the Shared Storage Manager is stuck, and on the Home page displays

System reconfiguring…
Please wait while the system is reconfigured.
Please reboot your computer to make sure settings are updated

No matter what I do Switch off , leave running or Use the reset buttom the Shared Storage Manager stays the same Recon figuring.

Any Help to solve this would  be greatfull recived

don’t recall seen this before…

what was the last thing you were doing before this started to happen? 

There has not been updates for this drive in quite a while 

Hi Wizer

As much as I can remember I’ve done nothing except installed IE 9, before that I’ve not accessed the storage manager in a long time. 

The box has locked up  a few time sbut reading on here thats common.

Just for ref the firmware version is 2.00.18

Ive Attached a screen shot.

Note the April the first date is genunine and not a hoax. EdriveLogon.PNG

can not see the image yet since it has not been approved…

but it sounds like a corrupted application…

is there something that you need to change on the configuration?

The Main thing is I need to do is create a new root folder and create shares for that folder.

but my worry is that  I may loose access to the hole drive. and the data on it.