MyBookWorld 2T 'Blue light' What can I replace the drives with?

I had a drive failure on my WD20000D033 (Ethernet MyBookWorld ‘blue light’ edition) a long time ago.  I put it in a box and mostly forgot about it.

I’ve just pulled the drives and was about to order replacements when I wondered… Can I replace these with something bigger?  It’s housing a pair of 1T Caviar WD10EACS drives at the moment.  Those are a bit old.

What’s the recommended replacement drive?

And… what can I get away with?  Could I put a pair of 3Ts in there? That would be SWEET!

Thanks o/

There is a possibility that the controller will not support bigger drives than the ones it came with.

You can try contacting our support department for the best suitable replacement drive.

I don’t know specifically which sizes are acceptable. However, your odds are better for 2 TB than for 3 TB. Whether larger will work depends on the hardware interface and the flavor of Linux the box is running. I know of a Debrick Guide on this forum for My Book Live and MBL Duo.

There is also a third party app which specifies single drive White Light My Book World. Some of this will depend on your comfort/skill level in Linux.

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