Mybookworld. 1TB single drive, WD10000G032 Blue Ring

I have a Mybookworld 1TB single drive. It is about 4 years old and is connected to my home network. I use it as NAS and access it only on my home network. I do not access it remotely. All files are copied to it via Windows XP. I never used MIONET.

Lately it takes a very long time to connect to the drive over the network and I figured that, because of it’s age it might be on the way out so I bought a second MBW but this one is a 2 TB single drive unit. I connect to both drives over my network and begin copying files from the old drive to the new. It goes along just find then all of a sudden the copy procedure just stops and hangs there on a particular file and eventually the window that I had open for the old drive closes. When I attempt to connect to the drive again I get an error that the drive is unreachable and I need to reboot the drive again in order to connect to it. When I attempt to copy the same file it hangs again and I need to reboot the drive once again. I then skip the offending file and continue copying other files but eventually it will hit another file which creates the same problem. I have managed to copy about 75% of my files but roughly 25% of them remain on the old drive and If I try to copy them the system locks up as described above and the window closes. 

I am using Windows XP SP3 for an OS and have tried using the native copy command as well as TeraCopy, but get the same results either way. I really need to get these files off the old drive, does anyone know what is causing my problem or how to fix it?



Do you experience the same results if you try to individually copy the files that are stopping the process? Can those files be copied into your computer first as a “bridge” and from there into the new unit? I would recommend copying the files in small portions smaller than 10GB per batch.


Thank you for your reply. I get the same results whether I try to copy to my computer’s desktop or the new drive. I have been using TeraCopy to move the files because I originally had the problem using Windows Copy command but either way I got the same results. TeraCopy seems to be faster and a little more reliable.  It does not seem to matter how big the file is because I have copied several zip files that have been over 4 gig without a problem while some files that are only 350K give me problems. I have successfully moved nearly 600 Gig to the new drive but have nearly 80 gig that I can’t move. Some of them are video files and some are photos and others are  PDF files and mp3 files. They are in many different folders on the disk and I can copy some of the files in a given folder while others refuse to be copied. I am beside myself and frustrated trying to figure out what is going on. I really need to move the remaining 80 gig to the new drive.

Thanks again for your help