MyBookWorld 1TB + MyBook Essential 2TB - HELP!


I have a MyBook World 1TB (blue rings version) drive, that I have had for a year or so now. To increase the storage available, I purchased a MyBook Essential 2TB (White vertical lights + lock symbol version) drive and have plugged it into the USB port. I have the 2 following problems:

  1. After plugging the 2TB Essential drive into the 1TB World drive via USB, the drive is recognised in the Shared Storage Manager software, but the Web interface becomes VERY VERY slow, or unresponsive. Pages take approx 30 seconds to load instead of the usual 2 or so.

  2. The drive is pre-formatted NTFS. It seems, that for some reason, the World edition does not have the permission to write to the drive, only read. This is not very good, considering I am supposed to be able to use the USB port to extend the capacity of the drive with another WD drive.

Any and all help is appreciated!


See if this helps.

Backup your files and then, if you haven’t already, update the firmware. I know you’re probably anticipating backing up your files to this external device while connected to the NAS unit(or maybe just adding extra storage), but you may need to map the network drive and transfer the files to the external device through local drives attached to your PC instead. The two units don’t seem to be supported when following the link contained in the previous response.


I experienced exactly the same problem when I connected the WDBAAU0010HBK-EESN The 1TB Elements Desktop. to my Blue Rings My Book World.

Extremely SLOW Storage Manager GUI.

After reading the doc’s of the My Book (blue rings) again I learned that NTFS is supported for Read Only.

The Elements Desktop comes NTFS formatted.

This was not what I planned to do with the USB connected drive, I wanted to use this as an expansion of the My Book storage.

I changed the Elements Desktop to a EXT3 partition and reformatted it, using a laptop booting from a Knoppix 5.3 CD With QTPARTED changing the partition and reformatting… Yes it took some time.

Firmware I

After reformatting to EXT3 I connected the Elements Desktop to my running My Book World (blue rings)

It was recognised instantly, no SLOW GUI of the Storage Manager anymore

With making shares you have to choose now, Internally volume or the USB connected volume.

I used the latest firmware 2.0.19