MyBookStudio 1TB firmware

Is tere any firmware available for this older MyBookStudio 1TB drive?

No new firmware have been release for this drive at the moment.

What type of issue are you having?

Twice the TM backup was lost completelly!

Plus the fact that there is aproblem with it to turn it on! This is what happens… im working and it is turned on. Then when i want o turn it off i eject (unmount it frm the mac) but to completely turn it off so that the lights dont work i press the shutdown button it has on the rear and all is turned of! The problems is when i try to turn it back on again, the shudown button will not turn it back on. Not even a restart of my imac will turn it back on. Nor a disconnect/connect of the power supply!

The only way to turn it back on is this… Turn computer off, unplug the power supply and also disconnect the FW cable! Then Turn computer on, plug in power supply and connect FW cable. Only by this way it opens! Am i doing something wrong here?

You should try contacting support to troubleshoot this issue in depth.

Well the turn on/off issue was fixed using the “WD Drive Manager Installer” that fixes this as for the other issue with TM still i havent got any reply for it!