MyBookLiveDuo won't wake up

I have been having trouble with this unit since the beginning. It has a nasty habit of going to sleep and can’t be woken up by my iMac for backups on Time Machine. The blue light comes on and stays on. It doesn’t show up in Finder, and when I try to open it using its IP address, it doesn’t work. About the only thing that works is to unplug it and reboot, which takes a while. When it does work, it frequently fails to do a backup and deletes everything and starts all over. Is there any solution to these problems. I’m getting tempted to throw this unit in the garbage and buy something else.

Any help would be appreciated.



You can try these KBA:
For LED behavior-

For Button behavior-

For all kind of troubleshooting-

If your drive is running all the time please follow this