MyBookLiveDuo won't boot up after failing to upgrade some packages through ssh

Hi, all:

I’m using MyBookLiveDuo 8T …

After I ssh into MyBookLiveDuo, I successfully upgraded git  by 

apt-get upgrade git

However, I was expecting MyBookLiveDuo is as strong as a full OS. So, I did some other upgrading , which makes MyBookLiveDuo crash.

After a rebooting, MyBookLiveDuo won’t book up any longer. I can’t even find its IP through the router.

I myself even have no idea whether my problem is similar to the one discussed here?

Can anybody help please?

Thank you …


looks like you bricked the MBL.  Better read some debrick tutorials. There is a good one for MBL Duo on this forum.

Thanks , but where are the tutorials?

The current situation to MyBookLiveDuo is:

bricked, no Internet connection (which means, I can’t ssh into MyBookLiveDuo).

And, it seems there is  no USB connection.

What should I do now?