MyBookLiveDuo freezes / reset button not working


my 5-year-old-mybookliveduo freezes after startup and the reset button to restart device is not working.

After a hard power on/off the device is starting and I’m able to login using http ui and/or ssh.
In UI I can see that status of disks is ok (green LED) until system freezes again (still green LED).
From network perspective the box can be pinged until next freeze.
DHCP is not used and I already changed my static IP.
Using SSH in this small period I’m able to check /var/log/messags but there were no visible errors.

Now the worst-case for a NAS occured and I’m not able to backup my data from NAS

My next steps may be

  1. to check network behaviour isolate the box from ‘normal’ network; directly connect to a linux system via cross-over cable or a layer-2- firewall - no switches, access router, windows 10 systems shares, media receiver whatever …
  2. unplug one internal disk to create a backup of my data
  3. factory reset

Before I start doing the hard way…
Any advice what can be checked or changed ?


Hi BZimmerm,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.

Hi Alex,
thanks - but at this point it makes no sence to ask for support.

As I wrote the device is NOT accessible, so I cannot login, run diagnostics whatever.

Actually I cannot start debugging because I’m running another backup of my SHAREs (based on a weekly
MBLD backup and located on an external USB WD device, which was formerly touched to the faulty device).
I already figured out that the installed backup procedure on MBLD stopped around 6 month earlier. So
actually I have a backup gap of half a year (I did not checked all my mails, my fault). The external USB device btw. had a problem, too.
So - sorry to say - I’m not trusting WD products anymore, that’s why I’m running this secondary backup now.

If this secondary backup is done I will unplug one of the harddisks of the MBLD and plug it to another
LIN based system trying to access the missing data.

After this unwanted workload I will start debugging - but as I wrote I do not trust WD products anymore …


Looks like my MBLD is having a hardware problem - nothing works, so I just copied my data from
Raid(1) disc A to another disc

I used LINUX rescue system described in

I plugged disc A to a SATA USB controller and started mentioned rescue system.
Unfortuntely disc A could not be mounted (ext4 fs with block size of 65536) - not supported.

So I switched to command “debugfs /dev/md3” (to access my disc)
using debugfs-command “ls” or “cd” to check dirs/files on “shares” directory
With debugfs-command rdump I was able to copy missing content to another attached disc.
Check “man debugfs” for further details.