MyBookLive Trade-in program RMA Instructions

Good advice thanks - I have a new portal case number from the conversation so I’ll keep an eye on that. I first raised a case number a week ago. Currently though I have an open RMA that’s incorrect with credit card details provided lol…expecting them to cancel that but who knows!

What I will say though, is that the instructions provided for the trade in program are no where good enough to help people get to where they need.

Credit card details? I never gave them any to open the RMA… The information they’re giving is for a standard RMA and this issue just can’t be treated as a standard RMA… So they either changed their mind or they just haven’t had the capacity to inform the customers correctly of the procedure.

Yep - credit card details for a hold payment until the device is returned. Like I said though, it would seem that I was advised incorrectly on the RMA. I’ll update when I receive more info, purely to assist anyone else needing the correct path to trade in

All sorted! A very helpful support member responded on my original case number to confirm the case, cancel my RMA and initiate a correct one. Coupon received and new NAS purchased. So in summary, raise an incident number and then escalate it, that should do it to get the ball rolling.

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Glad to hear this worked for you, piccolo135. I initiated contact in the WD support portal on July 7, Escalated on July 11 after no response, and as of July 15 have still not heard from anyone! A definite lack of support from WD.

Has anyone asked about returning the Duo case only without the drives? Cheaper shipping and a couple of spare HDs!

Keep pushing and ask for an update. I won’t excuse WD for their inability of doing things better, but maybe they are just being slow, this issue has probably affected many people. I was lucky and received an reasonably fast answer, honestly I was expecting worse.

Recommend you jump onto the chat window and provide your incident number - it was only after I did that that things moved along quicker

As everyone said, given the type of product this is, you need to get the new one before you can return the old one. Also, i want to see the T’s&C’s on the certificate before going to the time and expense of shipping the old one back. I may end up not liking the offer. The website leaves several unanswered questions.

I opened a ticket as WD said to do. They said they would respond in two days. Four days later, no response. I took the suggestion in this thread and did chat. Got right in, no wait. The guy said he would send the offer before I had to return the drive. I got the RMA, not the purchase offer. Second chat. A few minutes wait, but not bad. Had to explain the situation again (even though she had my RMA number). She said she would escalate the issue and I would get my certificate by email within 24 hours.

Someone mentioned the offer seemed to change over the weekend to require shipping the old device back, first. I think I see another change in that they seemed to originally say I could buy it from an authorized dealer. I am not seeing that wording any more. I prefer an in-store pickup situation rather than shipping from WD.

I am of conflicting opinions on all of this. The right thing for WD to do is to make a correction to the OS. As others have said, some companies have a history in doing this. Having been in product development in the past, I understand about declaring a product at EOL. The long term support costs can be enormous. WD seemed to drive down the middle path with the 40% off offer. This does not make me happy, but OK. Subtract one point on customer service.

I also qualify for a 15% discount. You can get it if you are a senior or if you return a drive. You have a returnable drive in your box, so you get the deal. WD pays shipping on the return drive. Bonus.

WD is only allowing us to get the older, smaller, systems. Deduct a second point for this. It might be that they have excess systems on hand and this seems to be a way to dump them while building PR points. This bit of cynicism is probably unwarranted. Just look at the deal.

We have to pay for return of the old drive. Deduct a third point. $10-20 off the value of the deal. Might have to pay to ship the new product. If so, deduct a fourth point.

I ran the numbers using MSRP. If you go to with 8TB EX2, the deal saves you $141 minus the cost of purchase shipping. Not bad. You can buy two at this price, so 16TB (albeit, in an inconvenient package), all told, costs just under $500 compared to the 16TB with 15% off at $600. If they would let us buy the 16TB version on the offer, it would only be $420. That would be a nice deal.

This is a pretty good offer, but certainly no slam dunk. I will be looking at other companies for comparison. I expect I will end up taking this offer.

I agree, time to boycott WD

I asked whether returning the device without disks is acceptable. I will do tha anyways as the disk failed long ago and were replaced, so I am not giving those for free.
I understand they don’t want to give free 40% vouchers without reassurance of having the old device.

Sí están enviando los códigos de descuento antes de tener que hacer la devolución.

Como lo enviaron:? Yo consulte apenas recibi las instrucciones y todavia no me contestaron

Time to rethink WD. I just got out of a series of email and chat sessions.

They did the right thing to “offer” 40%. Offer in quotes for a reason.
They did the right thing to give me the coupon before returning the drive.
Nothing else is good.
#1. The drives are out of stock. No way to determine when of if they will reappear and at what price.
#2. The claim that you can go to an authorized reseller does not apply if the WD store is available.
#3. The coupon will expire sometime and they say in that case, contact them and talk about it. No commitment to extend the life of the coupon.

In the mean time, my data is not available to me. Hooking the drive up to a dedicated Ethernet port did not work. The drive would drop off frequently.

WD appears to be making a marketing statement out of this program, but it seems to be an empty charade at this point.

I will keep considering the WD offer, but will be seeking other solutions as well.


Is amazon considered an authorized reseller?

About data recover: you can , if on RAID1, use the disks separately to access data if needed, but requires some work.

Cuando dices que consultaste imagino que te refieres a que abriste un “incidente” y diste el S/N para que te tramiten el trade-in… Si no lo has hecho, hazlo por el chat y tendrás un incidente abierto en el area de cliente donde queda registrado todo, incluido la conversación de chat, desde ahí mismo puedes enviarles más mensajes… también hay un botón de “escalate”… yo les mandaría un mensaje insistiendo en que sigues a la espera y le daría a “escalate”. Después de eso, a mi me mandaron los códigos que pueden usarse en la tienda de WD. No he tenido problemas en que me manden 2 MyCloud EX2 Ultra de 8Tb que se han quedado en 228€ cada uno.

Last I looked, Amazon was the WD Store. Doesn’t matter, anyway. If you are in a country that has access to the WD Store, you have to use it. If you do not, WD will assign a reseller.

I was going to use B and H.