MyBookLive slowly dies over eight hour period

I have a 2Tb mybooklive that is about 6 months old.  About two months ago I upgraded my Internet service and was supplied with a new DSL Modem/Router.

At this point I started to have trouble with my Mybooklive drive.  After it booted up the access times gradually got worse until, after about 8 hours of running, it was unreachable and had to be rebooted.

Naturally I assumed that the new router was the problem and complained to my ISP, 3 routers later the problem was unresolved and I was convinced that the router was not the problem.

The WD help-desk tried their best, talked me through setting a static IP address convinced this was the problem.  Still no solution!  A timer that rebooted the drive every eight hours was a help but not satisfactory by any means.

Finaly, after regularly and fruitlessly searching the WD Desktop for something else to change I stumbled upon something called Twonky!  Having no idea what it was I checked on the internet, it’s a media server apparently.  I don’t need or want a media server so I switched it off and while I was at it I switched off the iTunes thingy as well.

Unbelievably the drive works perfectly now.  It’s been up and running non-stop for five days without a hint of a problem!!

I have no idea what this Twonky thing is supposed to do, other than screw up my drive, and I don’t think I really care because now I can use my Mybooklive as I want to use it.

I’m not posting this looking for solutions but just in case anyone else is experiencing the same problem.

Thanks for sharing. For a faster performance be sure to have the latest My Book Live firmware installed. If you want to know more about what Twonky does check the link below. 

Twonky Media Server

How to update the firmware on a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo